Business Of Agriculture

The viability of farming especially for farmers with small and medium holding is in question now – there are enough data, discussions and debates.

However, the future holds great opportunities, driven by significant changes seen in market demands, palates and consumer choices – opportunities to be collectively and successfully addressed. For which WE need to question the status quo and enable CHANGES needed at farm gates and the eco-system.


Farmers grow crops season after season and are looking forward to increasing unit productivity, profitability and higher share in the consumer spend – Wanting to be able to control and generate positive outcomes at farm-gates.


Agencies, advisors and agronomists advising farmers have immense practical knowledge, and are looking forward to share amongst more farmers – Wanting to be able to provide precision customized advisory.


Active research, intense field testing and competitive solutions are being developed & deployed, looking forward to improve soil and plant health, so fundamental to a sustainable business of crop production – Wanting to see higher adoption of these smart interventions by farmers.


Testing Labs and enterprises are deploying newer technologies for soil, water and plant testing, and are looking forward to higher adoption of the services – Wanting to see the test results being actively factored into on-field choices.


Input Providers, manufacturers are providing critical inputs to farmers, and are looking forward to improving their transaction volumes, sales and profitability – Wanting to most importantly improve the cash flows.


Farm output aggregators, processors and D2C intermediaries are looking forward to source and sell efficiently, while being supplier and market relevant – Wanting to align supplies to market demands and seasonality.

There is the farmer, and the multiple players and stakeholders - with needs and wants, diverse motivations, different factors and levers affecting outcomes.

Our Platform

We enable CHANGE through our single interactive engagement smart PLATFORM, which is farmer centric and hosts the multiple players and stakeholders. The core of the platform stores the complex science of crop production as digitized highly interconnected knowledge, wrapped with algorithms which contextualize the knowledge as actionable insights - customized to the farm, crop and growing choices. The related functions then provide end to end Seed to Sell management capability at farm gates. Similarly the players and stakeholders and their products and services are contextualized and information consensually transparently exchanged for driving efficiencies in interactions and transactions for mutual benefit.

We eliminate knowledge and information asymmetry, enable standard transparent exchange of data, empower re-alignment of motivations, for a more co-operative, relevant and mutually beneficial business of farming.


Farmer’s can do seasonal crop planning, plan the crop and receive practices which are customized to the farm, have access to latest technologies and smarter methods reached as usable actionable insights, choose cost reduction options right inputs for timely right use, make field observations and receive interventions, manage unit economics and get market linkages. Farmers will get access to quality testing services, the test results are translated to actionable practices and adaptations of inputs, as the crops are growing.


Input providers can now stock right inputs, manufacturers can put right products in right geographies, all aligned to farmer’s crop choices and stages of growth. They can churn more sales and improve cash flows, with just in time stocks, and farmers can receive timely crop and stage appropriate inputs, which are enabled by geographic contextualization of needs to supplies.


Farm output aggregators, processors and D2C intermediaries can have visibility to regional cropping patterns, time to yields, on-field yield estimates from farmers and drive improved efficiencies in the supply chain. A stronger market oriented relationship between producer and buyer can be forged, for better predictability and mutual prosperity.


Our agronomy advisory team, consultants and other advisors can now access more farmers to provide critical advisories and also relate to more on-field experiences to further enrich the knowledge. And for this cyclic symbiotic relationship to be effective the advisories have to get precise and customized, which is enabled through ready access to insights of the farm, crop growth and the on-farm practices.

We now offer a farmer centric DIGITAL PLATFORM, connecting the ecosystem players by contextualizing farm data for a better equitable distribution (win-win) of value.

Farmer Benefits

Realise potential Yield

Land & resources are family. Make the most of your land and resources, by making informed crop choices, following standard practices, using inputs personalized to the farm, and actively engaging the elements and external forces - Get intimate with the crops and farm.

Optimise Costs

Costs keep increasing - a simple fact. Understand costs and its drivers with a working budget, focus on optimizing expenses, including smart nutrition and P&D management, towards achieving consistent profitability - Only if we can measure, we can manage!

Improve Quality

Quality differentiates, even more now. Close monitoring of crops, appropriate timely inputs, and right measures leading to predictable and repeatable quality - Quality is and shall be the king.

Reduce Risk

All the hard work, cannot go in vain. Reduce risks of diseases and pests, escalating costs and market fluctuations by focusing on prevention, being informed and proactively taking action. Risk management is not risky.

Achieve Sustainability

A long time vision for the farm is a necessity. Ensuring a healthy farm - harvest after harvest, year on year by blending in activities & solutions with sustainable outcomes. It's not this day, this month or this year - it’s also the future we have to plan and secure.

Cropmint is built to be an honest friend of the farmer, to be there with the farmer at all times. This friend shall facilitate the farmer in day to day choices and operations, with actionable insights, both timely and customized. This friend packs knowledge, experience, and information, and is ever ready to offer it to the farmer, as and when it's needed and just what is needed. And the friend does it with only one motive and that is to make the farmer successful.

Making right crop choices

We serve you with a crop basket, by understanding and keeping in mind - your farm and the location. With the just needed crop information, to make the right crop choice.

Leveraging standard practices

Traditional or new age, whatever are the necessary practices for achieving potential crop yields specific to your farm, we put them all together in a crop plan, ready for you to use.

Operate farm efficiently

We help prioritize, assign, track all your key activities & resources, along with critical observations so that you can provide timely inputs, realize value and reduce risks.

Smart Resourcing and Utilization

We craft a budget specific to the crop and the activity plan, with which you can get started and track to. Helps in smart money & resource management.

Being information aware

We serve you and your farm with relevant information. News, prices and weather so critical to decision making.


Product Features

Anytime Anywhere

Your farm in your pocket, wherever you go, with your mobile


No worries, data secured in the server, with automatic sync


Get comfortable, use the App in your native language

User(Farmer) Friendly

Easy to use, friendly interactive design, rich offline features

Light Weight

A smartphone is all what's needed, optimized usage of mobile resources


Be the farmer you are, no need to re-learn / un-learn anything

Supports conventional and non-chemical

Follow desired farming method, we got it covered for you

About Us…Well we

We believe that farmers can actively engage in driving positive outcomes in farming - by being relevant, adaptable and simply being successful in one of the toughest, yet satisfying professions. We at Farmitopia aggregates the latest in Agriscience with our and our fellow farmer's learnings and experiences, to unravel the complexities of farming, and reach to all farmers with simple yet powerful answers to the questions around successful farming. We are a team of farmers, farm enthusiasts, young minds from farming families who have come together to conceptualise, architected and deliver a Farmer Centric Smart Platform which enhances profitability and productivity and also enables contextual engagement with ecosystem players to scripting success stories and better outcome.

We make farming scientific, economical and meaningful for All.
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